Welcome to my basic guide on how to code in C#!

Today I will be teaching you how to use the programming language C# on Visual Studio 2015. There will be a variety of pictures and text to help you through each part of the guide. In each section, there will be: an introduction of what it generally does, an explaination of how to use it in code and examples, and then finally a conclusion where it all wraps up. Every step will include screenshots and short gifs so you can follow along better.

Why C# was made

The visual basic and c++ combination was made so that it would make it easier for application and content creators to make their content. They would now have the functionalty and freedom of c++ with the enhanced visual aspect of VB. Many say it's just a java "clone", as in it's very much like java in terms of how it works. Although, through the years since it came out, they are changing directions and getting farther from eachother.